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EMOVE Roadster

Fastest Production Scooter Ever Made.

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Highest Rated Electric Scooter Store In the US

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盘点2023澳洲幸运5|Our Top Electric Scooter Brands

These are our most popular adult electric scooter brands that we carry. Emove, Kaabo and Dualtron are some of the best e-scooter brands for riders who are looking for portability, long range, fast speeds, and high quality.

Kaabo Wolf King GTR

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Our Fastest Electric Scooters

Experience performance fast electric scooters

The all new Kaabo Wolf King GTR and Inmotion RS Midnight are the fastest adult electric scooters in our lineup. These high speed e-scooters can reach speeds of up to 60+ mph making them some of the fastest of models of 2023.

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Inmotion RS Midnight

Seated Electric Scooters

Shop All Seated Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are generally riden standing up, however there are adult seated electric scooters that resemble the shape of a bike. They are usally compact and lightweight and pack lots of power to hit medium to high speeds while offering long-range commuting.

Off-Road Electric Scooters

Shop All Off-Road Electric Scooters

Some of our e-scooters are built to be used off-road, explore new terrains with off-road tires and great suspension. Off-roading with an electric scooter is an all new experience. Browse through popular brands and compare models to find the best off-road e-scooter.

Refurbished Electric Scooters

Save big on refurbished electric scooters

Refurbished electric scooters are a great way to get premium e-scooter brands like Emove, Dualtron, and Kaabo on sale. All units are certified refubished and come with a 6 month warranty.

Electric Scooter Parts

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Browse for electric scooter spare parts, electrical components and upgraded parts, for easy repair and long lasting e-scooter life span. We carry parts for popular e-scooter brands like Kaabo, Dualtron, Emove, and more.

Electric Scooter Accessories

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Complement your electric scooters with these Electric Scooter Accessories, making your life so much easier. Choose from a wide variety of accessories ranging from safety gear to e-scooter accessories.

Based on 4321 reviews
The smooth ride

We got two Emove scooter cruisers and they’re awesome. I drive 10 miles to work and back on a single charge. Pretty good if you ask me. Hopefully there is batteries that you can buy if they go bad. The only con about it is if you pot hole and dent the back rim you need to buy the whole motor maybe the can make a back rim so it’s not costly out of your pocket because $330 is a lot to buy one but over all they been awesome the two scooters

Better ride seating!

VM SEat on the Cruiser provides much more enjoyable ride for me than standing.

Cruiser shock replacement

If your front end is feeling a bit loose, the shocks are easy to replace, and really affordable.

Just purchased only two weeks old but I am impressed so far.

Purchase and delivery of scooters have been great but have only had them for two weeks. Based on our initial impression they are awesome but obviously can’t comment on the durability of the product. One thing I do wish there was more printed information on maintenance, settings, advance settings etc so a person could really look after and fine tune the machine otherwise very happy with our purchase thus far.

Amazing scooter

I love this scooter the speeed and the range is amazing

Cruiser Front Fender
Anthony Ramos

Great price & works great! Was received very quickly!

Perfect for getting around the neighborhood

I recently purchased the Roadrunner 2 and have been more than happy with it. My teens both ride e-scooters and this lets me get out with them. But I've had so much fun, even at my age, I've ended up using for almost all my neighborhood errands. The "pizza bag" and a backpack are sufficient to do most of my shopping or runs to the pharmacy, or out for a bite at the taco truck.

Do fill the tires to 45psi. It took a few miles for the tires to settle, but it'll take longer if you don't get them properly filled. I recommend a portable, hand-held air compressor off Amazon to keep with you anyway. The curved tire stems make adding sealant (which doesn't come "installed") difficult; if I ever need to add some, I'll probably do it straight into the tire. They also send the wrong-sized foot pegs, but quickly corrected the error and had the proper size shipped to me the next day.

The ride is very stable and the suspension is top-notch. It accelerates slowly unless you're using both motors. The change in speed from changing the "gears" (1-3) is also far more noticeable in dual-motor mode. I live in a hilly area and my RR2 conquered them all with relative ease. I have gotten it to 36mph (on a downhill) and up to 31mph (once) on a straightaway. The thumb throttle is wonderfully responsive, though acceleration rate appears directly proportional to battery level.

The controller is my only real beef with the RR2, and I would definitely purchase an upgraded one if it were to become available. For one, there are only 2 P settings, and they correspond to the 3 the manual says it has. So who knows what those do? The battery level display could be more meaningful and use more advanced predictive modeling. In general, the display is small and difficult to read. The throttle could also use battery power modeling to produce a more consistent throttling experience regardless of battery level.

Wolf King GTR
Defonzie Porterfield
Great scooter

Love it trying to get it up to 40 working on it miles an hour.


I've been waiting for a cancelation email since 10/16 so I can send to Affirm. Not only have a not recieved it, you sent my scooter 3 days after I canceled my GTR. Can I please get the cancelation email????? Why does it take weeks to get an email. It wasn't my fault you sent the scooter 3 days after I canceled it. Why do I have to wait until you get it back? Its not my fault you sent it. And I never recieved it. So can you please send it before Affirm thinks there getting a payment from me. Reason for cancelation was no one knew when I could get the GTR because of the trouble with the chargers and when the new ones were coming in from China

Great scooter, meet expectation.

Mistakes were made.

When purchasing a new charger port after my last one caught fire, I made the error of choosing add to cart. Immediately, I went to checkout and processed the payment. It wasn't until arrive did I realize that I was sent the wrong charging port. This information is not apparent when referring to their instructional video. I also had to find out that the proper port was sold out. So far customer service has been responsive yet unhelpful. My mishap was clearly due to their misinformation.

Great looking seat

The white seat makes it look so much COOLER

reinforced seat

order my reinforced seat in august ,it has not arrived yet .it's been over two mouths .nothing but issues ,not to happy with the service .

Excellence in Service

I deal with numerous vendors, dealers, and owners in the PEV world and I applaud Melvin & his team for their commitment to service.

So far it's great. MPH top speed is 25 according to its speedometer. I don't think it will ever hit 30, and surely not the 33 as advertised, but other than that its solid.


This is a crazy scooter.
It goes much faster than one would expect.
Climes hills like a champ.
3 modes and I haven’t gone near the mode 3 yet ( that’s the fastest mode.)
Just make sure that you tighten the nuts and bolts before you ride and give yourself some practice time to get used to this scooter.
It’s worth the investment.
Read the warrantee carefully
Because nuts and bolts will have to be replaced by you out of pocket.
I think that’s lame but it is what it is.
Use blue thread lock and you should be good to go.
Use it with the handle bare adjustment screws.
Staff was helpful except for a staff guy that thought he knew everything but he was wrong .
I’m so far happy with the ride.

New Tire

This new tire is amazing

Broke 3 times

I had 2 emove cruiser that broke total of 3 times.
I got a cruiser and had the controller go out. They sent me a new one and everything worked fine until about 6 months after the manufacture warranty ended when the battery died. Had the scooter replaced due to the extended warranty I bought.
Now that the new scooter is out of any type of warranty the controller went out on me which of course is out of stock

The EMOVE Cruiser S is a Beast

I’m a big guy and this is my third electric scooter. The first two scooters were just too weak to carry my 225lbs frame plus 25lbs backpack. With the Emove, I cruise up inclines with ease and most importantly…NO more flats. Yes, impressive speed and range as well. I’m a happy customer.

What a luxury

I recently purchased the Dualtron Victor Luxury from Voro Motors, mainly due to a good sale price. I've taken it out a couple of times and the ride is smooth and solid. The build quality of Dualtron scooters, of course, is legendary and the Victor Luxury does not disappoint. It replaces my previous scooter which had solid rubber tires for easy maintenance. After driving it for so long, the ride on the pneumatic air-filled tires of the Victor Luxury feel like silk. There were a number of videos online about the tires going flat, recommending the stock, tubed tires be replaced with tubeless which I may still do but, for now, the stock MiniMotors-branded tires are fine. I make sure to keep them fully inflated to avoid possible tube pinches while riding and so far, so good. The lighting on the Victor Luxury is another plus. Visibility is very good day or night. Another strength is the ZOOM brakes. At first the ABS braking was turned on and the brakes felt jerky. Once I turned off ABS in the P-settings, however, braking became buttery smooth. It also has brake lights that are nice and bright. I'm no speed demon, and even purchased a seat, but I've had it up to 37 MPH in Mode 2. It's advertised to reach over 40 MPH which I don't doubt. All that power comes in handy when climbing hills. No trouble with any hills so far. One last thing I'll mention is the portability. It's not as portable or light as my previous scooter but it still folds up nicely and fits in the trunk without too much trouble. It weighs more at 72 pounds but when you need it, it's transportable. If you need portability and power with great build quality, the Victor Luxury is a good choice, especially at the current sale price.

Totally awesome BUT

We bought this Cruiser for my son to go to school. He’s 15 with a 2 mile commute. He practiced over the weekend and he’s totally in love with this Cruiser BUT man it took 15 hours to charge back up from zero to full. Other than the slow charging time we are completely happy with this purchase.

Dualtron Seat, Post & Mounting Plate

Works GREAT👍
Super strong quality. 🤙
This is my 2nd Seat Kit, I am a "repeat offender", LOL 😆 😂 😄

great scooter, decent mechanic work

I got my roadrunner pro refurbished and I can't recommend it enough. I'm sure the quality control varies from bike to bike (as is the nature of refurbs), but I was overall impressed with the engenuity and quality of the scooter as a whole. It's a wonderful platform. I would however say that as a full time mechanic I am a little disappointed with the quality of work in some areas. I have seen it noted that a common mod is to flip the horn over so it's less likely to scrape against the wheel when bottoming out the front suspension. I was pleasantly surprised that this had already been taken into consideration, and I received my unit with the horn flipped already. The headlight mounts seemed to be quite hastily installed though, and I have had to remove the light, straighten the brackets, and correct this issue. Additionally I have found that the cable organizaton leaves a little to be desired in the way of optimization. Things could be routed a little better for the longevity of components, but these are small complaints about details I think most won't ever notice. Overall, I love my roadrunner pro and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Voro for creating such a powerful and unique product, and I can't wait to see what updates lay in store.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
Skylar Christensen
Amazing Scooter

I purchased the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro about 6 months ago. I originally started on the Wolf Warrior X which I absolutely loved and still own but I wanted some more range and less battery anxiety, the GT Pro delivered!! I loved this scooter so much I bought 2 of them so my wife could keep up on long rides. We can ride all day and still have gas in the tank and I am a larger rider at 5'11" and 260lbs.

10/10 would recommend!!

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