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moth control

Moth control

Although not particularly dangerous, some moths can cause irreparable damage to personal belongings, and may even attack food in your pantry, making these pests a frustrating nuisance.

How does Terminix get rid of moths?

When you call a Terminix pest professional, you're tapping into decades of experience in understanding infestations of all kinds, as well as the latest and most effective treatment methods.

After an initial inspection, your Terminix technician will gain a deeper understanding of the types of moths you're dealing with, where these moths are getting into your home, as well as identify food sources that are keeping them there. Based on time-tested knowledge and innovative techniques, they'll work with you to customize an effective moth infestation treatment plan to help get rid of them.

We understand how to get rid of a moth infestation and, based on its severity, can offer integrated pest management solutions that pinpoint problem areas, as well as factor in safety considerations including any pets or children in your home.

After your initial inspection and treatment, you may want to schedule routine follow-up inspections with your Terminix professionals to be sure your moth problem stays under control.

Find out more about moths.

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We know moths

  • Clothes moth larvae are able to feed on almost any item made of natural fibers, particularly wool and cashmere.

  • Indian meal moth larvae can damage more food by contaminating it than by eating it.

  • Clothes moths tend to stay confined near clothing, which can make them easier to control.

  • Indian meal moths may get into your house via stored food products and from outside nature.

Pest control for moth treatment

If you have a moth infestation on your hands, you may have attempted tackling the problem using DIY methods. Often these methods can yield uneven results and offer only a temporary lull in moth activity inside your home.

Enlisting the aid of professional pest control can help get rid of moths and better control an infestation. Your local Terminix pest professionals are well-versed in moth behaviors and know where they hide and breed. This deep understanding of pest behaviors and treatment methods can give you a more effective way to help rid your home of these winged invaders.

pest guarantee
The Nix Pest Guarantee means you can relax knowing we’ll nix your pest problem, and keep it nixed. And if pests come back between treatments, so will we — at no additional cost to you.2

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