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Las Vegas, NV

Pest Control - Las Vegas

1856 Pama Lane Unit B
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(775) 829-3888
Branch Manager
Chuck Walls
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Common pests in Las Vegas, NV

The subtropical, hot desert climate of Las Vegas and Henderson, NV makes the area an enjoyable place to live for those who love warmer temps. Winters are mild and comfortable, but the summer sun is relentless and the temperatures are sweltering. People are attracted to the bright lights, endless food and drinks, the entertainment and the promise of riches in Las Vegas. Visitors flock here year round, but unfortunately, so do pests, given the climate. Some of the pests Las Vegas residents and tourists have to deal with include:

Bed bugs

Although you may associate bed bugs with motels and hotels, the truth is they can invade homes as well. Mattresses, bedding, pillows and even carpeting can harbor these blood-sucking pests. Their bites can make you itch or even develop a secondary infection due to the intense scratching bed bug bites cause. Getting rid of them on your own can be quite difficult, which is why you may need to call in the professionals to assist.


Termites feast on cellulose, a key component in wood, which attracts them to wooden structures. Once a colony of termites takes up residence in your home, their numbers can grow rapidly. Left unchecked, these ravenous insects can cause thousands of dollars in damages to the structure of your home.


In Arizona, there are three species of scorpion: bark scorpions, emperor scorpions and desert hairy scorpions. For the most part, both emperor and desert hairy scorpions are relatively harmless, although their sting may be cause for concern to some. However, bark scorpions are venomous and one of the few scorpions in the U.S. known to cause toxic reactions. No matter the species, it's wise to steer clear of all scorpions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What PPE precautions does Terminix Las Vegas take with COVID-19?

All Terminix Las Vegas technicians will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) when entering homes or businesses for peace of mind and prevention. We are actively monitoring updates from the Government and local health officials and continually implementing measures and developing plans to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

Does Terminix Las Vegas offer Commercial Pest Control?

Yes, Terminix in Las Vegas offers Commercial Pest Control for property management, food warehouses, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, Government properties and so much more!

Does Terminix Las Vegas offer any coupons on Pest Control?

You can currently start a Pest Control Plan for $50 off3. Get started.

What other services does Terminix Las Vegas offer?

Terminix in Las Vegas is an essential service provider. Always available to speak 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - we provide rodent control, pest control, bird control, pest proofing, drone survey services, fly & insect control and so much more. Visit our website here to find out more: