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gutter protection

Gutter protection

Keep the mess – and pests – out of your gutters. With Terminix gutter protection or guard service, water runs freely. Pests don’t.

Gutter protection will help protect your gutters from:


Leaves and debris

Leaves and debris can cause overflow damage to the fascia and eaves.



Ants are attracted to the moisture found in unprotected gutters.



Cockroaches are drawn to the moisture found in debris-filled gutters.

magnifying glass


Mosquitoes breed in the standing water clogged by debris.

Say goodbye to gutter problems.

Clogged gutters can lead to costly damages. From expensive roof leaks and eroded landscaping, to potentially dangerous pest infestations, improper drainage can create headaches for homeowners.

No more cleaning debris. No more clogs. With our Terminix Gutter Protection System, we'll make home maintenance easier so you can leave the dirty work behind.

gutter guard installation

Hassle-free installation

Our gutter protection couldn't be easier to install. After you’ve decided on a particular system and color, we’ll install the system directly onto your existing gutters without drilling or screwing into the roof.

diamond gutter guard

Top-notch protection

Our solutions allow water to flow forward into the gutter, effectively flowing away from the house and preventing any damage. This innovative system requires significantly less maintenance than unprotected gutters and adds more stability to the existing gutter system. Additionally, for even more protection we “encapsulate” the gutters when installing the end caps to help prevent rodents and other pests from entering your home.

Don’t let the cost of clogged gutters trap you – stop problems before they start.

Are leaves and other debris compromising the integrity of your gutters? Find out before clogged gutters become a serious problem. Our trained technicians can identify any problems you may have and tailor a solution for you. On top of that, we ensure reliable, ongoing protection year after year. Get started with a free inspection.

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