In addition to concerns about structural damage to your home, you might wonder about the damage termites can do to you or your family. This is especially true if you discover an infestation and there are children or pets in your home.

Fortunately, while termite behavior can be costly to your home, termites are not likely to cause you or your loved ones direct harm.


A: As a rule, termites do not bite humans. Soldier termites have the ability to do so, but their jaws are tiny and they won’t leave a mark.

Termites bite wood and bite other insects if attacked, but rarely do termites bite a human. Even when mature termites leave their colonies in search of mates, humans are not at risk.


A: Despite termites not being a direct threat to humans, they still pose a serious concern.

Termites eat wood and leave the structure of your home weakened. It is possible for termites to cause enough damage to floors, walls and ceilings that they collapse.

Termites might not cause you direct harm, but it would certainly be dangerous if ceilings and floors were caving in due to weakened wood.

So, do termites bite humans? No, but they can still throw your home into upheaval if you aren’t prepared. If you suspect a termite problem, call Terminix® immediately and schedule a termite home inspection.

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