tim best

Timothy Best is a board certified entomologist and manager of technical services at Terminix.

He has worked in pest management for over 15 years, and has been with Terminix for three years. He now serves Terminix as a manager of technical services.

Tim started his career as a commercial pest control technician. After being exposed to the science of entomology, his fascination with the natural world eventually became a field of study and career. Tim is passionate about entomology because it truly exemplifies the diversity, beauty and absolute raw power of nature. He loves being able to leverage his entomological knowledge to help others better understand the world around us.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science and Mathematics from Thomas Edison State University, and a Master of Science in Public Health from Southern New Hampshire University. He is a board certified entomologist (BCE) and an associate certified entomologist (ACE), as well as a certified approved pesticide course instructor in New York and New Jersey.

You can connect with Tim on LinkedIn here.

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